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Exit festival

Hello people,
Like you saw EXIT festival is among all the main news of this month, but the other one we want to let you know first is about the Radio Marilù Rock Contest.

We’ve placed 3rd of more than 120 bands, so ruska will be on rotation for a month as prize.
If you wanna listen to it follow us on the official band Twitter and get the daily updated playlist.

Radio Marilù
Interwiev with Kreso & Dante
Photos from the contest

marilù rock contest winner

These days looking for gigs and need your support again. So please enter the link below and put “Like” for giving us the possibility to perform on one of the biggest european festivals. You may help us also by listening songs or sharing the link on your social networks.
The more “Likes” we get, the more chances we have to play there.

Vote us here for EXIT FESTIVAL

Thank you all for the big support!!! We really appreciate it and love it.

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