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Unreal FairyTales


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”Unreal FairyTales is the best album of the past 10 years!”.- Siggi Bemm
4/5 "If it's variety you're looking for, Spellbound Dazzle's debut disc, "Unreal Fairy Tales," has plenty of it. Unreal Fairy Tales is the true story of a band that defies genre to create a uniquely moving musical experience."-
8.5/10 "With Spellbound Dazzle on the loose, you might reconsider your definition of Alternative Metal of the 21st Century”-
85/100 "For me this is an album that will find its way into my car regularly. It is very contagious music and it makes me smile all the time. First debut surprise of the year!”-
9/10 "Big mess and madness is to be found on this album. All in all, if you want to hear something original, fresh and insane in the modern metal scene, Spellbound Dazzle is one of the best choices."-
9.8/10 "Eclectic. That's the word to describe this album.The beautiful part? They manage to tie everything together smoothly, without having to resort to silly prog-wankery to make the pieces fit. Spellbound Dazzle just make everything work."-
9/10 “Unreal FairyTales is a surreal music experience that demonstrates a high level of originality and talent.”-

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